We’re proud to offer two unique, boxing based, group personal training bootcamps at the Eastern Beach foreshore in Geelong.

Beyond Bootcamp Geelong, founded in 2007 for women only and Geelong Sunrise Bootcamp (fka Geelong Bootcamp United), founded in 2013 for men and women.

The combination of challenging workouts and measuring progress creates a powerful program that keeps participants focused as their achievements are monitored. 

At the start of each new program, we take a baseline fitness assessment involving cardio and strength exercises. There’s also an optional measure up. We’ll redo the assessment in the last week of the program and you’ll see your achievements.  We encourage you to add a nutritional component to give you an all-round health program.

With regular participants,  you’ll  experience awesome group dynamics. The trainers know each person, their fitness levels and limitations. Friendships are formed and we all support and encourage one another.

If you want to experience:

- awesome group dynamics
- effective training sessions
- beyond a gym workout
- dramatic fitness improvement
- reduced body fat
 - increased muscle tone
- improved mental and emotional health
- care and motivation from personal trainers

then our bootcamps were developed for you!